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Triumph Motorcycles Company was founded in 1885 selling pedal cycles. In 1888 the company moved to Coventry and in 1902 they produced their first motor bicycle. Triumphs were supplied to despatch riders during WW1and they soon gained a reputation for quality and reliability. The term "Trusty Triumph" originated in this period.

In 1936 Triumph went into liquidation during the depression. The company was bought by the owner of Ariel Motors, Birmingham and The Triumph Engineering Company Ltd was formed.

Production continued until 1945 for the British army. At the end of the war the waiting lists for Triumphs grew longer and longer, with long waiting lists throughout the 1950's and 1960's.

Bearing Applications on Triumph Motorcycles

Bearing Applications

In 1951 the company was sold to B.S.A. Where poor management and prejudice forced the demise of this once great company.

The company never regained its previous status and was wound up in 1983.


The Classic 1953 Triumph Thunderbird

The Classic 1953 Triumph Thunderbird

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The older your Triumph motorcycle is, the harder it gets to find original good quality replacement bearings.

We carry extensive stock and can source world-wide, allowing us to provide replacements for rare models like those in the following list:

  • Triumph Sidevalve
  • Triumph T110
  • Triumph Thunderbird
  • Triumph Trophy
  • Triumph Tiger TR6
  • Triumph Bonneville
  • Triumph Trident
  • Triumph Scrambler

    Norton 1929

    1951 Triumph Trophy


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